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Maintaining a scheduled hood cleaning program keeps your restaurant kitchen cleaner and lowers your risk of grease fires and smoke problems. Regular cleaning of the exhaust system and kitchen equipment are one of the primary defenses against fire hazards. The most efficient method of reducing risk of fire is to remove the build up of grease and other cooking by-products that are fuel sources.

We provide hood cleaning service to restaurants, hotels, retirements communities, nursing homes, treatment centers, schools, hospitals, convention centers, mall food courts, casinos, gentlemen clubs, you name it! Pretty much everywhere that prepares food.

We service commercial and residential kitchen hood and duct exhaust systems.


Hood filters are one of the most important appliances to clean regularly but not enough in many establishments. If the hood filter is not cleaned well, it can very well start a kitchen fire and even burn down the entire restaurant. We offer NEW filters for sale and replacement. Please contact Us for prices.


By law, kitchen exhaust cleaning is required for virtually every commercial cooking establishment in Florida. Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, employee cafeterias and other food service locations have a hood and ductwork over the stove to exhaust smoke, steam, and fumes out of the building.

An exhaust fan is the most critical component of a restaurant’s exhaust hood system. If it malfunctions, it can create an environment that can result in crippling fines associated with health code violations. We are experts at diagnosing and fixing exhaust fan problems, and we make sure your fan runs properly so that your business continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Pressure washing or steam cleaning will clean ductwork thoroughly, particularly hard-to-reach areas found in a small number of exhaust systems.


This is an alternative to drain snakes that results in clear, clean pipes in less time, less cost, and with longer lasting results. Hydro Jetting completely clears out your pipes, restoring them to a good-as-new state. As a result, your pipes will operate more smoothly and reliably than they ever have before.


Kitchen restaurant pressure cleaning is imperative, particularly in a day and age when someone can post a review and picture of your dirty restaurant before you realize what hit you, you had better guarantee you are all about having a spotless restaurant.

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